Vibe Lifestyle Product Warranty

Our Vibe Lifestyle products come with guarantees under  New Zealand Consumer Law, offering replacement or refunds for major failures and compensation for foreseeable loss or damage. This warranty is in addition to your legal rights and covers defects for 12 months from purchase, provided the product is used as recommended.

Warranty excludes alterations, accidents, misuse, and abuse. To claim, return the product to the retailer with proof of purchase. Vibe Lifestyle will repair, replace, or refurbish the product at their discretion, with all associated costs borne by the customer.

Warranty Disclaimer

Vibe Lifestyle offers a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects. The Vibe Lifestyle services are provided “as is”. No guarantees are made for uninterrupted, error-free use or compatibility with specific hardware. Vibe Lifestyle disclaims liability for damages caused by viruses or certain events. Other than the product warranty, all warranties are disclaimed. Some jurisdictions may not allow these exclusions.

Limitation of Liability

Vibe Lifestyle is not liable for content loss, errors, or any damages incurred from app usage. Liability is precluded except for negligent breaches of significant contractual duties. Claims based on gross negligence or harm to life, health, or non-contractual liability are exempt from this limitation. Certain states and countries may not allow the exclusion of incidental damages. This provision does not limit liability for willful misconduct.

We offer a one-year replacement for manufacturing defects.

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